Escape Pod Comics

My first Kickstarter recommendation is Escape Pod Comics, a comic shop in New York with a different spin. Rather than having a newsstand-like feel, Escape Pod wants to be more like a cozy, comfortable bookstore, one that’s packed with comics, with something appropriate for everyone regardless of age. The plans for the shop sound appealing, and I like that they plan to be friendly to customers of all ages, even including a drawing area for kids.

What I like most is their plan to hold classes on how to make comics. This adds an element of community and shared experience to the place, and I’m a big nerd about the creative process. I think you can never go wrong by getting people excited about creativity. Moreover, the founders’ passion is evident from the campaign. And, according to Twitter and their Kickstarter page, Lev Grossman, author of THE MAGICIANS, THE MAGICIAN KING, Time Magazine book critic, and general super geek, will be a part of their lecture series.

The rewards are, well, comics. What did you expect? There’s a variety of comics created by one of the owners, and many, many reward levels for hand-selected comic choices based on your likes and dislikes, signed comics from some heavy hitters (like Neil Gaiman, whose reward has sold), store membership, grab bags, and original artwork. The top-level reward is a day at the store for you and 25 friends for $5,000.

All in all, if you like comics, I think Escape Pod is worth a look. They are on Twitter at @EscapePodComics. Check them out, and drop me a line if you give them a shot.


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