Final Frontier Design

Like a lot of geeks, I would like to go into space. Short of that, I would like to see us put a man on Mars. Of course, NASA isn’t going to Mars any time soon, and to my knowledge they haven’t done a lot of new work lately on manned space flight.


People still want to go into space, and some of them have a lot of money, and there’s a whole bunch of engineers who are clamoring for the chance to launch those rich folks right into space. There’s a growing private space flight industry. While I would love to see governments get back into the space game in a big way, commercial space flight is here to stay, and I think that relatively soon it may be commonplace for people to take day trips into orbit. And all of those people will need stuff to wear while they are in space.

Enter Final Frontier Design. Two of those clamoring engineers are making space suits, and they’d like a little help in doing so. The rewards for their campaign are a bit esoteric, unless you want a space suit or components for your personal use, so you’ll probably end up with a patch. That you can put on your space suit when you go to Mars.

I like this project because it’s forward-looking. It’s not creative per se, but it is inspiring. In my ideal world, and I think also in the real world, science and the arts feed off of one another. A kid sees the space shuttle launch, or watches video of the moon landing, and decides he wants to tell stories about space. (He also has a nagging feeling that there exists an incredibly tall alien race, who likes to dress like the cast of Reservoir Dogs, and who he needs to eliminate). 20 years later, a guy reads those stories, and decides he wants to go into space, but nobody is making an economical space suit, and why shouldn’t he make one?

Let’s try to help that guy make it into space. If for no other reason than to handle those aliens for us.


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