The Garlicks

I have a little guilt about not giving this campaign more attention sooner. I was aware that Neil Gaiman had already mentioned the campaign to his mighty following. What possible added impact could I have? I would guess that 100% of you lot already follow him, and it seemed like I’d just be parroting him, and what’s the point in that? Still, I wish I’d written this post last week, before there were only double-digit hours to go. I was trying to avoid being a brain-dead retweet-machine, and because Neil had mentioned this campaign already, I didn’t give this one enough of a look. Now, I feel it’s no better for me to fail to talk about a project because others already are, than it is to support a project for the same reason.

The Garlicks is a graphic novel about a vampire girl, to be published as a webcomic at The artist and writer, Lea Hernandez, is an industry veteran, and the comic is a creator-owned property. The campaign and chosen subject matter call to mind a delicious stew of timely trends: kid-lit/YA, creator-owned webcomics, vampires, and the sadly common questions about whether “women read comics” (they do).

But all that industry claptrap aside, the pilot of the book, as available via the Kickstarter, is charming, funny and well-written and drawn. The campaign is ambitious, and intended to allow Lea a full year to concentrate on the book. It’s a book that, if it’s given the chance to see the light of day, seems likely to be a great read and a lot of fun. I’m not sure why the campaign is stalling. With 60 plus hours to go it’s about 30% funded.

I’m talking about it here because I think the book should exist. I’m glad that Lea is out there still talking about it and not giving up. A big part of why I’m doing this is to try to draw attention to creators that I think are worthy of support, and art that should get to be made. For that reason, I hope you’ll take a look at The Garlicks, and consider if you agree with me. And with Neil.


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