P. Craig Russell’s Guide to Graphic Storytelling, Series 2

A new campaign, P. Craig Russell’s Guide to Graphic Storytelling Series 2, is exactly the sort of project that makes Kickstarter a wonderful way to launch or expand a project. This project is a series of films that teach the use of visual techniques in the creation of comics. Russell has decades of experience in the field, having worked on many, many books and garnering such respect as to be made the subject of an Eisner-nominated career retrospective. The film series, the second such series to be made, plans to use Russell’s artwork to teach viewers the art of telling a story with pictures.

I imagine that the creative class will be most interested in these films, most certainly artists, but also filmmakers and writers. And this is why Kickstarter is so useful. The campaign can be used both to gather the funds needed to make the films, and as a tool to reach the intended audience to make them aware of the project. This benefits audience and creator alike. As an outside observer, I’ve noticed that artists are a deeply supportive community, and are encouraging and helpful, and always eager to learn from one another and tout each other’s accomplishments. A campaign like this, examining storytelling and art, will surely find great interest among such a community.

Beyond that, the campaign itself has terrific rewards. With the exception of the $5 level, each level of support is entitled to a copy of the films, with higher reward levels receiving a study guide as well, and several opportunities to obtain artwork. If you are interested in using pictures to tell a story, or in how to tell stories at all, I’d recommend this project to you.


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