The weekly geek

Here’s a a variety of things I learned about this week.

SF Signal has a crowdfunding roundup that started up last week. I don’t know how often it will run but I suspect it will be weekly. Here it is.

And here is an interesting analysis of Kickstarter funding success, sent to me by @dalmatianjaws.

A Thousand Natural Shocks, the dance and story collaboration by Megan Kurashige and Kat Howard, was featured in the weekly Projects We Love email along with CLANG. Megan and Kat were interviewed here on Wednesday.

Menachem of Escape Pod Comics has a campaign update that talks about his history with comics shops and the genesis of his store. More to come!

Here’s a few campaigns I’m excited about.

Via @ChuckWendig, here’s Deep Cuts Anthology, a collection of horror stories written by women authors.

And I’d be remiss if I didn’t tell you about Tobias Buckell’s short fiction collection Mitigated Futures.

And two more with slightly more info, since they have pretty pictures and seem to merit further explanation.

If you miss your old Nintendo, this might appeal to you. From the campaign:

Super Retro Squad is a 2D platformer that features characters inspired by classic video game characters. These characters will feature unique gameplay, but their core will be based on the originals. This way, you get something old and something new, and it’s all combined together for a fresh, fun experience.

The game will feature 40+ levels that will be spanned across 8 worlds. Each world will be based on one of the characters, so there will be plenty of variety found in the environments and enemies. There will also be an equipment and upgrade system that will allow you to customize your character’s abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. We also plan on tying everything together with a cool story that will be explained through dialog and cut scenes.

This is a film restoration project that seems too campy and weird not to tell you about.

This film is a very unique superhero movie.  If you were practically invincible, had powers beyond the grasp and scope of mortal man, and had the chiseled features of royalty… what would you do?  Argoman is that kind of superhero.  Brave, courageous, out to help establish peace… but kind of a criminal as well.  Constantly in between being blamed for theft and being praised for his assistance, he saves the day and adds to his “collection.”  His alter-ego is equally fascinating.  It is not really an act as he “plays the part” of a regal, wealthy, influential man of British society.  That is simply his personality.  He is not above doing what is needed, he just enjoys the ease that stature provides.  He is not at all bashful about his identity, either Argoman or Sir Reginald.  He doesn’t seek to hide his identity too hard either, making such a mild attempt that it makes it laughable the police haven’t figure it out by now.


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