Recently completed or funded campaigns

Here’s a few updates on those projects that I’ve talked about so far. The campaign for A Thousand Natural Shocks exceeded their goal and are still going strong, and wraps up July 26th. The show debuted on July 2nd, and the final show is July 30th, and will be filmed.

On the gaming front , both ACE DETECTIVE (a card game) and CLANG (a video game) wrapped up on July 9th, each having met their funding goal. Super Retro Squad will meet theirs as well when their campaign wraps up on the 19th.

The fiction projects I’ve mentioned seem to be doing quite well. Butch Fatale, Deep Cuts and Mitigated Futures were all funded (quite a while ago, actually, I grabbed one of the last few seats on the Deep Cuts and Mitigated Futures bandwagons). Fiction is my favorite art form/entertainment medium so I’m happy to see any well-presented projects do well,and I’m always looking for more.

Final Frontier Design got a big boost when a backer purchased a complete suit, which was 50% of their total goal, so they were funded on July 15th.

That’s it for now. In the meantime, if you haven’t yet, please consider backing the projects still on the current campaigns list, if they grab your interest. And help spread the word!


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